Pastoral Care Training – We’ll come to you!

Those living in rural areas are often disadvantaged by the tyranny of distance. Coming to a capital city for training is not practical or financially viable for many living in communities where resources are no longer available.

This course encourages and trains members of your congregation to increase their skills in pastoral care.

In this 2 module course, we strive to come as close as we can to the way Jesus conducted his ministry by beginning with the story of those in pain or causing harm, through to relationship building and then moving towards radical, social and personal change.

Story Whispering is a model of pastoral training that helps people find wisdom within the stories they encounter.

Module 1: Learning How I Listen (LHIL)

Who are we? The Wisdom is in the Story
Applying the model to our situation, Clarifying Strategies for our situation

Module 2: Listening to People’s Stories ( was I’m Going Visiting) (LTPS)

Critical factors in Visiting: Specific Visiting Locations
Basic issues in Pastoral Ministry, Listening skills, Integration

Both these modules are designed as six hour programs so that churches can use them to build strong teams of pastoral carers.

Please contact us to arrange your individual program,
our mobile office is available to visit your Congregation or Presbytery.

Dates for 2017
  • South West Rocks 
    –  April 24
  • Halsville
    –  April 28-29
  • Forbes 
    –  August 1 – 9
Dates for 2016
  • Castle Hill
    – Feb 13
  • Forbes 
    –  March 19
  • South West Rocks 
    –  September 20
  • Mid – North Coast Area
    –  September 21-22 to be confirmed


Dates for 2015
  • Sapphire Coast – Cooma
    –  April 11 & 12
  • Forbes
    –  July 25 & 26
  • Bathurst
    –  Sept 4, 5, 6

– contact the office for registration details