Counselling Services

How can counselling help?

Most people talk to friends and family when they have a problem. Usually they receive support, advice and a listening ear. This is a form of informal counselling which goes on in our community all the time.

Sometimes people have no one to talk to or the help they receive from friends and family is not enough.

Talking to a counsellor can be helpful when you need someone to talk to who:

  • is professionally trained
  • will carefully listen to you in an accepting and confidential environment
  • will help clarify the nature of the issue causing you concern
  • Will help you find constructive ways to address your concerns
Who is counselling for?

Any individual, couple, family or group regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

What specialist services are there?

We offer a specialist service called Support for Men who want to Change. Counselling is provided to men who wish to change their behaviour which, while not illegal, still causes harm:

  • Help with addiction to pornography
  • Guidance to repair damage caused by their infidelity and examine their behaviour
  • Become accountable for violation of boundaries within a church situation.

Please follow the links for more information about Pornography Treatment and Sex Offender Treatment.

Who are the counsellors?

All counsellors have training in both theology and psychology. They are dedicated to a holistic, sensitive approach incorporating a faith dimension in the care they give. While all counsellors are Christians, no religious belief is imposed on the person receiving counselling. Counsellors must be registered psychologists or members of an approved counselling organisation. See more about our counsellors here.

What happens in counselling?

At the first meeting your counsellor will invite you to talk about your concerns. The purpose of this first meeting is to respectfully hear your story and work with you to determine whether further meetings are likely to be helpful.

Any further meetings will be arranged with your cooperation so that you are fully involved in the care you receive.

What issues can be discussed?

Anything that is causing you or your family concern can be discussed with a counsellor:

  • Improving your self-confidence
  • Identifying issues causing stress
  • Talking about relationship problems
  • Working on issues of grief and loss
  • Getting help with raising difficult children
  • Recovery from abuse
  • Getting help if you are a perpetrator of abuse
  • Understanding the relationship between religious belief and emotional problems

Download a flyer about our services PCI brief flyer 2017 single

Can I have counselling over Video conferencing like Skype?

Yes, in special circumstances relating to distance from our Centre, some sessions can be done using video conferencing technology.  Please ask about this when inquiring.

What is the cost of counselling?

Fees are charged on a sliding scale according to income. No person is ever refused service on the basis of cost.

Clients can access Medicare rebates for seeing a Psychologist through the Better Access to Allied Mental Health Professionals through the Medicare Benefits Scheme Initiative. A client can claim rebates on up to 10 allied mental health services (eg. psychologist, occupational therapist, social worker) in a calendar year.  Clients will also be eligible to claim up to 10 separate services in a calendar year for group therapy run by the allied health professional.

To register for this, the client must see their GP for a referral to the Psychologist. The client must bring this referral and a copy of the Mental Health Care Plan to the psychologist to be eligible to receive the Medicare rebate.

Your private health insurance may cover all or part of a psychologist’s fee, but cannot be claimed as well as the Medicare rebate. Most Health funds only offer payment after the Medicare allowance has been used. Please check with your Health fund for your personal situation.

The counselling service receives no other government or church subsidies.

For more information or to make an appointment please contact us.