Sex Offender Treatment

Men Taking Responsibility 

This program is organised for men over 18 years of age who have offended or who believe they may offend against children.

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Aims of the Program
  • To protect the community from sexually abusive behaviour
  • To help reduce the risk of reoffending
  • To help repair damage perpetrated on children by sexual and other abusive behaviour
  • To help families affected by child abuse to respond to the impact on their lives and to make appropriate decisions that are in the best interest of the children.
Program Philosophy

The basic philosophy of the program is sustained by the following four principles:

Justice: The first priority of treatment is justice for the child and the child’s family.

Accountability: Sex offenders who enter this program must be willing to be accountable for their behaviour. Justice requires that sex offenders face the legal and social consequences of their actions.

Support: Support is provided to enable the offender to follow through on the requirements of accountability. A tough love approach is taken to encourage offenders in growth towards wholeness.

Change: The sex offender must be committed to changing all abusive behaviours. Developing new behaviour patterns demonstrates evidence of change.

While the program is run on Christian principles it is open to men regardless of race, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

Program Content

The treatment focuses on eight areas:

  • Accepting responsibility for abusive behaviours
  • Developing an accountability network of carefully selected people who help with recovery
  • Changing thinking patterns that contributed to the offense
  • Developing empathy for children and others
  • Controlling sexual arousal patterns
  • Improving social skills
  • Developing a self-management plan by identifying and learning how to avoid high-risk situations
  • Developing awareness of the interrelatedness and sacredness of all persons
Program Structure

A weekly group process is used.  Every effort is made to develop a safe group where men are respected and provided with a chance to change and grow.

Program Leadership

Graeme Randall –  Psychologist
is now running the group.
The group was started by Rev. Dr. Peter Powell – a Uniting Church Minister and a registered psychologist in Australia who pioneered the program in 1995 with men referred from churches. He has presented papers at conferences on the issue of religious belief among sex offenders and the nature of shame and empathy as a critical variable in sex offender treatment. Dr. Powell is a clinical member with the NSW Commission for Children and Young People (Adult sex offenders) and the Australian and New Zealand Association for Treatment of Sex Abuse.

More Information

Download the full COMPLETE PROTOCOL 2017 (pdf file)

Download the article Pornography: Providing Accountability and Support by Rev. Dr. Peter Powell (pdf file)

Group Dates for Mens Group

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