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Sharon van Doorene 

MA (Counselling Psychology); BSc Hon (Psychology); MBBCh; Psychology Board Accredited Supervisor; Cert IV – TAE

Psychologist / Team Leader PCI

I approach my work in a person centred way – listening carefully and intentionally to an individual’s story and how life has brought him or her to a particular place where support is needed to cope with a particular issue. The personal attributes that I bring to therapy are my compassion and analytical thinking which, combined with my professional training and skills in CBT, ACT, psychodynamic and Biblical Narrative therapy, enable me to work holistically with clients to meet their goals in counselling. Apart from my professional qualifications, I bring my own life experience and endeavour to be authentically and fully alive, into the counselling experience with my clients.

Why do I choose to work for PCI? I believe that there is so much more than the physical and psychological experience of being human. The spiritual component and how that relates to our daily experience, whether in the mundane or crisis, is often neglected. Through PCI, the exploration of this aspect of a person’s wellbeing is encouraged, regardless of the particular faith base through which this is expressed. Furthermore, at PCI we emphasise the context of the individual – no-one comes to a particular place in their lives without the influence of others, nor do they live without impacting others around them. Respecting this dynamic interplay and working with people in community is challenging and full of opportunity.

I provide counselling on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Naomi Millar-Powell

BSc; Grad. Dip. Adv. Psychology; Master of Research (Psychology); Master of Professional Psychology

Millar-Powell, N., & Warburton, W. A. (2020). Caregiver Burden and Relationship Satisfaction in ASD-NT Relationships. Journal of Relationships Research11.


A collaborative framework informs my work with clients seeking support for issues such as depression, anxiety, and grief, as well as the partners and families of individuals who have committed child sex offences. This approach is founded on counselling as a journeying together; with you as the expert in your life. Evidence-based interventions act as our guide to help you achieve the outcomes you hope for. These guiding treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Trauma Informed Therapy. I am also a Morrisby qualified career practitioner and have an interest in working with people undergoing complex dental treatment, and the intimate partners of people with Asperger Syndrome (ASD).

Graeme Randall

BSc(Psych)(HonsClass1), Master of Professional Psychology, ADipMin(Salvation Army), Cert IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs(Counselling), AMAPS


I primarily work in the area of treatment and assessment of men who have committed child sex offences.  I have a fully inclusive faith and theology which informs my approach to working with people.  This is reflected in my passion and work towards full-equality and inclusion of all people – regardless of race, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, or religion.  I have a passion for working with people in the LGBTIQ+ community – particularly those who are HIV+, have a history of religious abuse, or who generally struggle with sexuality and related issues – as well as those working through issues of addiction.  I am a member of the Australian New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse (ANZATSA) and an Associate Member of the NSW Child Sexual Offenders Accreditation Scheme (CSOCAS).

I am generally available for appointments Monday to Friday

Adrian Rizzo – Now working with Northmead Uniting Church

BSS(Psychology); Grad.Dip.(Counselling); MA(Couple and Family Therapy)

Child and Adolescent Counsellor  – to contact please call 0447 410 695

Availabilty: Weekdays 8am-5pm (flexible out of hours appointments possible)

Appropriate clients: Young persons age 12 to 18 and their families.

I have been working with families as a counsellor for 10 years and work with clients  individually, or whole family units. I enjoy the opportunity to listen to and get to know young people and families, in order to provide assistance to them in what can be an exceptionally difficult stage of life. I provide support to clients by facilitating a better understanding of both themselves and other people in their life, in order to help them attain their personal, and relationship goals.

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