Raising Difficult Children book and Parenting Program

Encouragement for parents whose children have difficulty with social interaction, learning and behaviour.

Pastoral Counselling Institute offers a program designed to assist parents raising children with learning, behaviour and social difficulties. Raising Difficult Children has been specifically designed for use by parents and professionals. For more detailed information on the programs and book visit the Raising Difficult Children website.

new 4th Edition of the Raising Difficult Children Book is now available for purchase.

The Raising Difficult Children program

Raising Difficult Children is a program designed to assist parents set in place behaviour management strategies for their child, raise their own level of parenting skill and self-esteem, while developing competence and accountability in the child.

The program has been specifically designed for use by parents and professionals working with difficult children, including those described as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The program provides:

  • An introduction to the concept of difficult temperament
  • Effective discipline routines
  • Management Strategies
  • Constructive ways to help children become competent

The program teaches parents how to:

  • Be confidently firm and clear, compassionate and fair.
  • Understand the behaviour patterns and particular temperament of the difficult child
  • Discover the positive behaviours of their child and learn strategies that are specifically designed for children with difficult behaviours
  • Develop creative discipline routines which maximise the future of the child
  • Reduce stress in the home
  • Care for adult relationships
  • Reduce the tension between siblings in the family and understand sibling and peer dislocation
  • Enjoy a sense of humour about the difficulties parents face
The Raising Difficult Children book

“This book is sprinkled liberally with diamonds of insight and wisdom which have the potential to change the way parents and families relate.” – Julie Appleton, President, Hyperactivity Attention Deficit Assn. (NSW) Inc.

“It is once again a pleasure to review this book which contains so much wisdom and experience formatted in such a practical and down to earth manner. Peter and Brenda offer a challenging but clear and structured approach to many a struggling parent and teacher.” – Dr. Paul Tait, Consultant Paediatrician

“Readers will refer to this book again and again as they determine to accept that ‘parenting is hard work’ and make the commitment to invest that hard work in the lives of their children”. – Paul Whiting President Emeritus, the Specific Learning Difficulties Association of NSW Formerly Senior Lecturer and Head of the Children’s Centre at the University of Sydney.

“Raising Difficult Children invites the reader into the inner world of parenting and Peter and Brenda are master guides for this journey.” – Neil Harris Deputy Director, Morling College Counselling School.

new 4th Edition of the Raising Difficult Children Book is now available for purchase.

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