Morrisby Career Assessment

The Morrisby career guidance assessment

We offer a comprehensive assessment process specifically designed to help make career decisions – to help you discover a career path that is right for you. A Morrisby Report provides you with a personalised report which identifies your strengths, career interests, and some aspects of your personality. This information is blended to provide career suggestions for discussion with our Morrisby qualified career practitioner Naomi Millar-Powell (Registered psychologist).

The assessment consists of two components:

  • An online assessment
  • A face to face feedback session

The purpose of the assessment is to help you discover your unique strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and interests. The results of these assessments will be interpreted and analysed in the context of career areas, subject choices, and educational routes. The assessment is taken under exam conditions, however no special preparation is required for the session.

To book a Morrisby assessment please call please Naomi on 0411 486 812 or email her


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