Education – Pastoral Care Training

What does the Lord require of you but to do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God
– Micah 6:8

Courses offered by the Pastoral Counselling Institute

Learn new skills to enhance your caring using the biblical Story Whispering model.  Turn your compassion into practice.

Pastoral Care Training – click on link for more information

Learning How I Peter with CaravanListen and Listening to People’s Stories (was I’m Going Visiting) are two one day programs to encourage members of your congregation to increase their skills in pastoral care.  Distance is no obstacle – our mobile office is available to visit your area.

Please call our office to discuss how your educational needs can be enriched.

Pastoral Counselling Institute is part of the Parramatta Mission

Other Training Courses

The Pastoral Counselling Institute will no longer offer the accredited courses in chaplaincy and pastoral care as of 2017.

For information on other courses including CHC42315 – Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care (Release 2) and CHC51015 – Diploma of Counselling (Release 1) qualifications please go to the following links:

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