Soldiers in Different Armies

SoldiersIDA book coverSoldiers in Different Armies is an exceptional biographical novel written with a depth of perception.  It is an excellent social record and an inspiring story about two people who, though worlds apart, did their best to contribute to society through service to others.

While thousands of memoirs are published each year—many about famous personalities—Brenda Inglis-Powell’s newly published work stands out because it is about ordinary people. Soldiers in Different Armies reveals extraordinary lives. The story will appeal to readers of all ages.

Brenda is a dynamic speaker and facilitator. She has been writing diaries, poetry and articles for many years. Writing has been a passion but raising a family put her talent on hold. Now that the children and grandchildren have grown, she is again enthusiastically embracing her talent.

Book signing

The Haven  – Stocklands Mall Baulkham Hills oSaturday 15th November, 2015 from 11 am  to  1 pm.

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