Support Groups for Partners or Family of Child Sex Offenders

When your partner or relative has been charged with a child sex offence.

A brief handbook of strategies

Powell. P., Millar-Powell, N. R. S., Van Doorene, S. 2017.

This is most likely one of the worst – if not the worst – experience of your life. Hopefully, this book will give you some guidelines that will help you walk the journey. 

The Pastoral Counselling Institute offers support and information lunches and forums, not too large, and a safe place for partners or relatives to share and listen to some of their experiences, and to be supported by each other. It is specifically for partners or relatives with a close relative/friend who has committed a child sex offence.


Please email to to inquire about participating in the support group or call the office on 02 9683 3664

For online peer support please go to the following link:

PartnerSPEAK –

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